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New publications: The 2014 Annual Report

The annual report for 2014 has been posted to the RISM website. Did you know that thanks to the hard work of our colleagues--in over 35 countries around the world--there are over 880,000 records in the online database? Other highlights from 2014: The CD-ROM data for series A/I (Einzeldrucke vor...


New publications: “Catalog of the Music of the Diocese of Würzburg” published

Dieter Kirsch has compiled a three-volume catalog and received a citation (Ehrennadel) from the Diocese of Würzburg


New publications: Vjera Katalinić: The Sorkočevićes, Aristocratic Musicians from Dubrovnik

As we mark the 280th anniversary of the birth of Croatian composer Luka Sorgo (1734-1789), Vjera Katalinić, the director of RISM Croatia, has published a new book about this family of musicians: Vjera Katalinić: Sorkočevići, dubrovački plemići i diplomati (The Sorkočevićes, Aristocratic Musicians...


New publications: New (for us) publications from Belgium and the Netherlands

We have recently acquired four publications about Belgian and Dutch musical sources that we would like to share with you:


New publications: Axel Klein, O'Kelly - An Irish Musical Family in Nineteenth-Century France

A new book has been published by Axel Klein, who was our Ireland consultant when RISM presented An Evening of Irish Music in March 2014. O'Kelly - An Irish Musical Family in Nineteenth-Century France Norderstedt: BoD, 2014, 493pp. ISBN: 978-3-7357-2310-9 As Klein writes: "This book...


New publications: Recent Publications about Music Manuscripts and Institutions

We (relatively) recently received two journal issues from the organizations that co-sponsor RISM, IAML and IMS. Both contain articles that discuss musical sources or institutions and could be of interest to the RISM community. They have been cataloged in Kallisto and can be cited by our RISM...


New publications: Drew Edward Davies, Catálogo de la Colección de música del Archivo Histórico de la Arquidiócesis de Durango

A new thematic catalog has been published by Drew Edward Davies (Northwestern University) that documents for the first time the complete musical holdings of Mexico's Durango Cathedral (MEX-Dc): Drew Edward Davies. Catálogo de la Colección de música del Archivo Histórico de la Arquidiócesis de...


New publications: Blog roundup

Manuscripts, modern editions, and eighteenth-century printed music--RISM likes it all. Read on for what has caught our attention recently.


New publications: Source Studies in Musical Culture

We would like to announce the recent publication of papers presented at a conference organized by the Department of Musicology of Adam Mickiewicz University and the Archdiocesan Archive in Poznań, Poland in September 2011: Alina Mądry and Magdalena Walter-Mazur, eds. Source Studies in Musical...


New publications: Collectio operum musicalium quae in Bibliotheca Kinsky adservantur

The Thematic Catalogue for the Kinsky Library’s Music Collection The music collection at the Kinsky Library, which is administered by the National Museum Library (CZ-Pn), was first examined in detail in 2010. More than one thousand individual musical documents dating from the end of the 18th and...


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